Clarus Glassboards
Clarus Glassboards
January 11, 2017




SmartWatt is a leader in the energy optimization market, transcending existing ‘ESCO’ brands to deliver a holistic approach to energy utilization in commercial, industrial, education and healthcare spaces. As a distributor of LED lighting solutions, among a wide-range of other tangible energy products, the challenge was to articulate the company’s expertise and holistic approach the company takes, serving leaders of industry. SmartWatt saves its customers money, but also improves the quality of their environments, having positive human and commercial outcomes. SmartWatt required a wealth of content as it furthered it’s lead as a pioneering ’ESO’ both as sale and marketing material, and for the development of a new website.​


MarketScale took on the challenge of authoring a large portion of the web copy for SmartWatt’s new website, as well as additional content needs. MarketScale collaborated with two existing partners for SmartWatt, Emotiv Brands, focusing on the branding and [website firm] who would be leading the web design. The pre-planning culminated in a sales and marketing summit in Berkeley, California where MarketScale participated in the branding experience, giving feedback and devising a scalable content strategy. MarketScale has since authored expert technical content and filmed onsite video successfully completing all content for the new SmartWatt website, improving the brand positioning, strengthening SEO, and giving the SmartWatt team valuable differentiator content. MarketScale extracted the Narrative, during onsite film shoots in New York, California and Texas, and ongoing written content development.