January 17, 2017




Durham, North Carolina based, CNBC Disruptor 50, Phononic is changing the world of solid-state cooling, for a variety applications including computing and traditional refrigeration. As a pioneer in the market, with advanced technology, Phononic needs to both educate and inspire their customers which include OEM’s, designers, developers and of course, end-users. Phononic needed to develop both written and video content to demonstrate their product and technology, to help command a premium in the market, and capture the imagination of stakeholders across the industry. With a highly sophisticated technology, and complex, secure manufacturing process, Phononic required a partner who could understand the story, the technology and distill both into scalable marketing content and video.


MarketScale met with Phononic to determine optimal brand positioning as a disruptive innovator. In establishing a weekly consultative call, and consistent content collaboration, MarketScale authored blog and case study content on topics ranging from CDC guidelines in refrigeration to Moore’s Law, and how Phononic enables computer-processing performance previously impossible. MarketScale travelled to Durham, North Carolina to film the product, the people and the manufacturing process, capturing the story and synthesizing the narrative in a format that would align with the brand positioning. One video in particular powered the Phononic’s highly successful presence on Amazon, while a product sit-down with a product leader garnered significant engagement on YouTube and other social platforms. Phononic saw significant gains through the process, most notably 143% increases in year-over-year new website traffic, 16% increase in returning visitors and a 56% increase in traffic from Facebook, as quality content powered increased engagement. Video played a key role in also improving year-over-year sessions by 104% and users by 107%. Video content thrives when product is technologically advanced, aesthetically beautiful, and a part of a great brand. MarketScale captured all of those elements through our content and video campaign and the results demonstrate the performance.