January 18, 2017




KeyMe needed high quality video content showcasing their successful partnership with top brands such as Bed Bath and Beyond and 7-11. KeyMe’s target market is retail, who can strengthen customer engagement and add revenue streams with their onsite digital keying service. The challenge in filming the content was in extracting authentic end-user feedback, filming onsite between busy retail hours, and collaborating both with KeyMe and two of the world’s largest retail brands. ​


MarketScale shot the videos during off-hours, on-location in New York City, capturing both product-specific material, in-use content, software demo content and on-location B-Roll. Focusing on ‘story’ MarketScale helped extract the narrative, delivering two exciting tales of product success, including a wedding that was saved using the product! One challenge that arose in production was a tight-deadline, at which point MarketScale was able to produce, and post-produce completed content filmed in Manhattan with a 48 hour turnaround time, on just one day’s notice. Using the MarketScale Video Network, MarketScale was able to capture the content and receive it digitally in the studio within hours. The team worked through the weekend to produce client-ready content for a Monday meeting.