Leading payment platform FreedomPay, is in the business of ‘Making Payments Simpler’. Their platform allows for safe, secure and scalable digital commerce. Brick and mortar retailers everywhere power their transactions with FreedomPay. Prior to a web redesign and relaunch, FreedomPay noticed sub-optimal website visitor conversion metrics.  Furthermore, with little content marketing, the brand’s complete story, and premium differentiators were under-told on the website and social media. FreedomPay was looking to improve the performance of its website and strengthen the brand through improved content, but the next move required data insights to prove the value.


MarketScale immediately identified a challenge with the homepage of FreedomPay.com, utilizing website heatmaps to determine that visitors were not making it past the existing hero message. Visitors were bouncing at a high rate. Furthermore, new sessions were not increasing. MarketScale gave feedback to the Freedompay team, which resulted in an improved and optimized design for the relaunch of the website. MarketScale also authored consisteny creative and technical content on topics ranging from Omni-Channel Payments to Point-to-Point Encryption technology, demonstrating improved SEO using our MarketScale Analytics Suite. Using data and insights made marketing more predictive, ultimately playing a part in FreedomPay’s successful digital marketing optimization including 81% blog sessions increase, 11% website new visitor growth and 10% website session increases. The data also fueled further efforts in social media, with the brand ultimately recording 536% year-over-year growth in website traffic from Facebook and 20% year-over-year growth in website traffic from LinkedIn.