January 17, 2017

Clarus Glassboards

Clarus Glassboards


Clarus Glassboards creates writeable glass surfaces and architectural glass products for commercial, medical and education clients, among other markets. The ’glass markerboards’ created by Clarus are a superior product and next step to the existing ‘whiteboard’ solutions in the market. Glass is more durable than largely melamine and plastic whiteboards, and with its non-porous characteristics, glass outperforms other writeable surfaces in healthcare settings, cleaning more easily and harboring fewer pathogens. Clarus, therefore commands a premium in the market and required marketing content to articulate the value proposition. While Glassboards are more expensive in initial costs, it is widely believed that they have lower total costs relative to incumbent whiteboards. Clarus needed research and supporting marketing material to demonstrate the superior total cost of ownership (TCO) that comes with their higher quality product.​


MarketScale chose to survey the Facility Management market to understand the overall ‘total costs’ seen in the existing market. Facility Managers were the ideal audience because of their responsibility for both procuring and maintaining writing surfaces in facilities. MarketScale sent a survey to approximately 5000 facility managers from a variety of companies and institutions, including top universities and Fortune 500 brands. With an offer for a $5 Starbucks card in exchange for feedback, MarketScale quickly garnered 300 responses, a statistically significant sample size to study. The study showed that 73% of whiteboards last three years or less before replacement, with one whiteboard location costing $1700 over 10 years. This created a break-even point at 48-72 months wherein Clarus Glassboards become lower-cost. MarketScale then built and deployed a web-based TCO calculator to help buyers evaluate the total costs of Glassboards versus alternatives. The content was an instant success, with 500+ person engagement via social media, as well as commercially through Clarus’ network of sales, representatives, and dealers. The study was also published as a gated PDF, capturing new leads for Clarus through its form.